How long does it take for you to deliver a parcel? Did you know that there are people who are willing to pay a little extra just to get the parcel shipped to them in the shortest time possible?

If your delivery business still doesn’t offer expedited shipping, then you are missing a lot. You are missing out on potential customers. Offering the expedited shipping option is a smart move for courier service providers. Here are reasons why:

Many Items Require Immediate Shipping

It’s not just because people want to receive their parcels immediately. There are items that will require expedited shipping just because of their nature and what they are. Think about perishable items like food. They need to be shipped immediately and they need to be received immediately because they can spoil along the way.

Similarly, valuable items also need to be shipped immediately because taking days in transit increases the risk of loss or damage.

There are also some who need items right away because they are also pressed for time. Such items would include medical related items.

Think Of The Lost Opportunity

If you do not offer expedited shipping, just think of how much you’ll be losing. There are many customers who are looking for such service. Even if they only need to have one parcel for expedited shipping and others for regular shipping, they are likely to work with someone who offers both.

Lesser Risk Of Broken Or Lost Items

Expedited parcels are shipped faster and that also means that there is less handling involved. With that, there is also a lesser risk of damaged, broken or lost parcels. The longer time the item stays with the shipper, the bigger the risk of damaging the items. You’d want to deliver expensive items immediately because if you damage them, you might be liable for them too.

Additionally, most expedited shipping comes with a guarantee that it will arrive within a set time frame. This gives customers peace of mind that their parcels are carefully handled and brought to them immediately.