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Tips On Implementing Your Fleet Preventive Maintenance Plan

In order to minimize cost, ensure the safety of your employees and be able to provide excellent service to your clients, it is highly important to create a preventive maintenance plan for your fleet.

Your fleet preventive maintenance plan will help you determine what kind of maintenance needs to be done on your vehicles and when they need to be done. However, aside from creating your plan, you have to make sure that it is properly implemented.

Here are a few tips on how you can do that.

Establish a schedule

One of the most important aspects of implementing a preventive maintenance plan is establishing a schedule. This will help ensure that all vehicles in your fleet are properly maintained and that no vehicle falls through the cracks.

If you have a variety of vehicles, some of them may not be used as often as others. One way to schedule your preventive fleet maintenance is to base it on the odometer readings.

You can use your fleet management software to give you a reminder that certain vehicles are already due for maintenance. With today’s technology, you can easily link the vehicle’s odometer to the software so that it could accurately schedule fleet maintenance.

Coordinate with your mechanics

In order for preventive maintenance to be successful, it is important to coordinate with your mechanics. They need to be aware of the schedule and what work needs to be done on each vehicle.

You should also communicate with them about any changes or updates to the schedule. This way, they can be prepared and have all the necessary parts and tools on hand.

Inspect the work

Once the preventive maintenance has been carried out, it is important to inspect the work that was done. This will help ensure that everything was done properly and that there are no issues with the vehicle.

It is also a good idea to take note of any problems that were found during the inspection. This way, you can address them with your mechanic and make sure that they are fixed before they cause any further damage.

Make necessary changes to your preventive maintenance plan

It is great if you already have a plan and are currently following them. However, you should still be open to changes. You have to regularly monitor and inspect them and see if your plan is working. If not, there could be necessary changes that you have to make.

You should also be open to changes in technology. As new technologies become available, you might want to consider incorporating them into your preventive maintenance plan.

Keep accurate records

Another important tip for successfully implementing preventive maintenance is to keep accurate records. This includes keeping track of all the work that was done on each vehicle, as well as any problems that were found.

Accurate records will help you identify any trends and spot potential issues before they become major problems. It will also be helpful if you ever need to file a claim or get warranty work done.

Predict Future Preventive Maintenance

It is not enough to have the schedule simply followed. You should also be carefully analyzing your data. With accurate records, you can further monitor and assess the health of your assets. It will also be easier to analyze issues and even prevent them from coming up.

By always being one step ahead, you can avoid any issues that could arise and keep your fleet running smoothly.

Utilize A Preventive Maintenance Software

The preventive maintenance plan and schedule could be done manually. You can keep track of records through paperworks. However, that could take time and a lot of effort especially if you have lots of data to analyze.

Using preventive maintenance software can help make things easier and more efficient. With today’s technology, your manual work can be automated so that you don’t have to spend loads of time trying to analyze and compare your data. In such a way, you could better focus on finding possible solutions to any issues that may arise or find ways to prevent such issues from happening.

Preventive maintenance is essential in keeping your fleet running smoothly. By following the tips above, you can be sure that your preventive maintenance plan will be successfully implemented and that your fleet will be well-maintained.

5 Tips To Attracting Customers For Your Courier Services

Courier Services can be a booming business. However, there are many hurdles to overcome. One of the most important aspects is to attract more customers to your courier service business. This article will discuss how you can do just that by using some simple tips and tricks.

To have success in any business, you need customers willing to buy from you or use your services. In the case of a courier service, this means sending people parcels and packages through various channels such as roadways or railways. It’s not always easy though! Business owners should take advantage of these few hints about attracting more clients:

Tip 1: Be Social

Being social is one of the easiest things you can do to attract customers. All it takes is several minutes out of your day, an account on Twitter or Facebook, and a few posts before you are reaping the benefits. The steps are simple. Create a page for your courier services business on Facebook or Twitter (you can also create a page on other social media sites, but these are the most used).

Make sure to make your account official by including contact information. Put the link of your account on your website/business card/billboard advertisement. Send out a few tweets or Facebook posts about your company. This will get people interested in what you have to say, and before you know it they are actively following your company’s activity! If you haven’t already done this for quite some time, now is the time to do so.

Tip 2: Put Together an Efficient Website

You don’t need to master graphic design or code an amazing website yourself. There are free templates available online that can allow you to build a basic yet efficient website. All you need to do is put your logo, pictures of the services you offer, and contact information. You can then send this link to others or post it on social media sites to get people interested in what you have to offer.

Tip 3: Make Your Business Known

If no one knows your business exists, how will they find out about it? Whether it be through word-of-mouth or an advertisement, make sure that as many people as possible know about your courier service business. By advertising your business, you attract more customers.

Tip 4: Industry Participation

As a courier service, it is important to know what exactly is going on in your industry. This includes any innovations or updates which may affect the way you run your business. It could be something as simple as a new delivery framework where packages are picked up and sent out from one central location instead of multiple locations – this would dramatically change how you run your company. You could also opt for more environmentally-friendly equipment like electric cars. By keeping up to date with industry news, you can adapt quickly and stay one step ahead of everyone else.

Tip 5: Keep Your Promises

All businesses make promises, but not all keep them. The trick is to keep your promises and put in the necessary effort so that people know you will deliver what you say. This can be done by ensuring that all of your staff members sign a contract and abide by it (this could include everything from how they conduct themselves to their punctuality). It’s also important to ensure that all packages are kept safe and delivered on time – not only because the client expects it but also because each successful delivery means more money for your business!

Reasons To Consider Offering Expedited Shipping Option

How long does it take for you to deliver a parcel? Did you know that there are people who are willing to pay a little extra just to get the parcel shipped to them in the shortest time possible?

If your delivery business still doesn’t offer expedited shipping, then you are missing a lot. You are missing out on potential customers. Offering the expedited shipping option is a smart move for courier service providers. Here are reasons why:

Many Items Require Immediate Shipping

It’s not just because people want to receive their parcels immediately. There are items that will require expedited shipping just because of their nature and what they are. Think about perishable items like food. They need to be shipped immediately and they need to be received immediately because they can spoil along the way.

Similarly, valuable items also need to be shipped immediately because taking days in transit increases the risk of loss or damage.

There are also some who need items right away because they are also pressed for time. Such items would include medical related items.

Think Of The Lost Opportunity

If you do not offer expedited shipping, just think of how much you’ll be losing. There are many customers who are looking for such service. Even if they only need to have one parcel for expedited shipping and others for regular shipping, they are likely to work with someone who offers both.

Lesser Risk Of Broken Or Lost Items

Expedited parcels are shipped faster and that also means that there is less handling involved. With that, there is also a lesser risk of damaged, broken or lost parcels. The longer time the item stays with the shipper, the bigger the risk of damaging the items. You’d want to deliver expensive items immediately because if you damage them, you might be liable for them too.

Additionally, most expedited shipping comes with a guarantee that it will arrive within a set time frame. This gives customers peace of mind that their parcels are carefully handled and brought to them immediately.


How To Improve Driver Safety For Your Fleet

As a fleet manager, you have many duties and responsibilities. One of the most important ones that you shouldn’t forget is your driver’s safety. Protecting your assets is a major responsibility but your assets don’t just include vehicles in your fleet. It also includes the drivers that control them.

Not only is it your job to keep the drivers safe, but you will benefit when they are safe. When you avoid accidents, you also avoid costly repairs, downtime, insurance claims, and even court fees. Plus, accidents could also damage your company’s reputation.

The safety of your drivers lies in their hands as well. However, there are some things that you can do as a fleet manager to help them out. They are as follows:

Have A Safety Policy

Having a safety policy is a great way to encourage your drivers to focus on their safety too. The safety policy could include limiting the driver hours so that they could be well-rested.

Driver safety training should also be conducted. However, you’d also have to implement policies like giving consequences to DUIS or license suspensions so that they’d be more pushed to think about safety. The policies should be clearly stated and handed out to every driver.

Whenever an accident happens, don’t immediately blame your drivers for it. There are times when accidents can’t really be avoided. It would be best to conduct a review of the accident so you can really see who is liable for the penalties and fines.

A copy of your review should also be given to the driver. There, you can give your feedback and if there is a driver error, you can do something about it by getting them into a training program to further improve safety.

Base Decisions On Safety As Well

When making decisions, like whether to get snow tires or not, you should always consider safety. Some optional equipment and items for your fleet may cost more but they do improve safety so it is best to choose to have them.

Good Communication

You may have already created safety policies but are they known by your drivers? Good communication is essential between the drivers and fleet managers. You can provide them a physical copy of the safety policies so they always have one in case they need to read up on them.

Additionally, you can also talk to them personally or digitally about it. It is also best to be open to their opinions and suggestions. You also have to learn to listen to them and try to consider their side of things. After all, they are on the road most of the time and they might have useful insights that could improve your safety policies.

Preventive Vehicle Maintenance Should Be Prioritized

Some accidents can be avoided if the vehicles are properly maintained. Don’t wait for the vehicles to act up before checking them. It is best to train the drivers to inspect their vehicles before they drive them. A checklist can be provided to ensure that all are properly checked and nothing is forgotten.

Some may decide to cut on costs by skipping some of the maintenance procedures. Although that could save some money in the short term, it could backfire and cost expensive repairs due to accidents.

Preventive maintenance doesn’t only improve safety. It also helps improve the performance and efficiency of the vehicles on your fleet.

Use Safety Technology

There are various technologies that you can use to improve safety. One of them is to fit vehicles with GPS devices. These will help you know where your vehicles are in real-time. Additionally, there is also telematics that can help with driver monitoring. It can tell you whether they are prone to speeding or not.

Dashcams can also be fitted on your vehicles for more security. It helps drivers to be more careful because what they see is also being recorded. The recorded videos could also be helpful as examples on what to do and what not to do when certain situations arise.

The Business Case For Converting Your Vehicles To Electric As A Local Courier Service

As with any business – cash is king – and cash-flow, or the amount of money transferring in and out of your business at any one time, is one of the most important metrics for businesses looking to grow.  As a courier service our business is no different, and cost control is top priority to keep out businesses healthy and out of the red.

Right behind operational expenses including rental, insurance, and labor costs, fuel represent one of the biggest out-flows of cash, and one that until recently, was seen as a standard variable cost, and one directly related to the amount of miles driven.

This equation is now changing thanks electric vehicles (EVs).

The good news is: with EV manufacturers moving quickly into last-mile trucking, short-distance courier-based business like yours are uniquely positioned to benefit from this technology.

The question now is should you go on the electric car bandwagon and convert? Will that do good for your local courier business?

Today, let’s help you figure that out.

Electric Cars As Couriers: Is It Possible?

Although it may seem like technologyElectric cars aren’t brand new. In fact, They have been around and now we’ve seen many own them. However, one of the challenges of owning and operating an electric car is how to power it up. You see, unlike gas stations that seem to exist in every corner, there aren’t as many charging stations. However, there is a growing number of charging stations, especially in urbanized areas.

Courier services could possibly lead to the use of such vehicles. This is because they have a network of vehicles designated for different locations. They have the data to calculate how much their vehicles need to cover for the deliveries. In that way, it is less risky for them to have the electric car stalled on the road due to lack of electricity.

Furthermore, courier services may also have the capacity to invest in their own charging points or at least have some in their facilities. They could also create routes that pass through the various charging points within the locality.

Should Courier Services Convert To Electric Vehicles?

Of course it is possible for courier services to use electric vehicles to provide their service, the question of whether they should or should not still remain. There are factors to consider but the partnership between electric cars and courier services is looking quite well. Here are a few reasons why you should think of converting into electric vehicles.

Maintenance Costs

While the jury is still out on the overall maintenance costs savings with an EV fleet for last-mile transportation and courier services, initially these costs should be lower.  Since there’s no engine or transmission to service, you won’t need to change your truck’s transmission or engine oil, and you’ll never have to replace a timing belt or a head gasket either.  Moreover, not including the engine or transmission, EVs are also known to have fewer moving parts than their combustion engine counterparts in general, further reducing the cost of maintenance and repair due to less wear and tear.

With less moving parts, unexpected failures should be reduced, however we don’t recommend ripping up the number for your preferred roadside assistance or towing service, as the most common roadside needs are related to unexpected accidents or flat tire service.

Unfortunately, EVs aren’t perfect, and one of the biggest drawbacks relates to batteries.  Over the long term the batteries in EVs will need to be replaced with costs ranging from $4,000 – $7,000, or more depending on the size and model.  Most manufactures have warranties that cover battery replacement should a premature failure occur, but you may have to cover the cost yourself if the battery fails after the warranty expires.  This additional cost may lessen the resale value of your vehicles, especially for older models.

Environmental Reasons

The first and most common reason to convert from combustion engines to electrical-powered ones is due to the impact on the environment. They are a far better option when you want to reduce your carbon footprint. Even Amazon is turning into electric vehicles to lower down their carbon footprint.

Additionally the U.S. Government is now allowing businesses to claim “carbon credits” if a business can prove that they are actively reducing their carbon footprint.  Qualifying business can then claim their credits offset tax obligation or sell them on a global market.  Click here to find out more…

Government Funding

The government is pushing the use of electric vehicles in order to lessen the carbon footprint. You should take advantage of this and check what the local government has to offer. There are incentives and they can also help you so that the cost of converting wouldn’t seem to be too high.

Boost Your Brand

How many local courier services do you know that use electric vehicles? There aren’t many yet so why not use it to boost your brand. Electric vehicles aren’t just unique, they could also positively impact your brand by letting the public know about your concerns about the environment. By using such vehicles, you are helping in lessening the carbon footprint. It is one way to make your business greener. Many people are also concerned with the environmental effects of cars. By using electric cars, you might convince more people to hire you for your services.

Types Of Businesses That Rely On Courier Services

Having an individual use your courier service to send some goods over to another is a great feeling especially for those who have just started with their courier service business. However, instead of simply focusing on individuals, wouldn’t it be great to have a larger target market that continuously uses your services to transport their goods?

There are many people that you could target with your courier business. When we think about courier services, the first thing that comes to mind is e-commerce businesses. But, they are not the only ones who rely on courier services. Here is a list of the different types of businesses that rely on couriers.

Clinics, Hospitals, And Pharmacies

The medical industry uses courier services and they don’t just use any courier services. It is reliable and capable of transporting whatever they want to be transported. They could use them to send out documents that are time-sensitive.

Additionally, the medical industry also needs its supplies delivered in a timely manner. Although they won’t really let their stocks reach zero, it is important for them to receive their supplies immediately and in excellent condition.

Medical businesses may require special and careful handling of their goods. Once you prove that you are capable of doing so, they can be one of your regular customers. Getting a regular customer to use your courier service is a great step to success.

Schools And Universities

Schools also need a reliable courier to send out or deliver important paperwork. Although some schools would offer online access, there are still some paperwork and records that should be printed out. Sometimes, couriers can also be asked to deliver sensitive financial documents. A reliable courier would make sure such documents reach the correct receiver in a timely manner.

Printing Companies

Some printing companies accept last-minute orders from their prestigious clients. That also means that the printed materials should be delivered in a timely manner. With reliable courier services, the goods can be easily delivered to meet such deadlines.

Law Firms

Other businesses worth targeting are law firms and offices. There is much paperwork that requires to be transported.  They could hire courier service providers to send out criminal case reports, evidence reports, and other documents. Such are confidential and shouldn’t be misplaced. Furthermore, those documents are usually required to be sent out as quickly as possible. Strict deadlines should be met at all times. In some cases, that could mean delivering documents within the same day.

Real Estate Companies

The real estate businesses also handle lots of paperwork and documents. They don’t only send them out, they also need to receive them as fast as they can. Sensitive documents need to be handed to the clients rapidly. This would help real estate agents to more likely make the sale due to their quick turnaround time.

Manufacturing Companies

Many manufacturers purchase their own vehicles so that they can deliver their goods on their own. However, there are also some manufacturers that choose to outsource their delivery systems to courier service providers. This is especially true for those who are just starting with their manufacturing business.

Plus, if the company decides to purchase a delivery truck, it could just be an additional cost at that time. Although they could decide to purchase trucks in the future, courier services that provide great service may change their mind and develop a long-term relationship with them.

Accounting Firms

When we talk about accounting firms, lots of paperwork comes to mind. Accounting firms deal with a lot of paperwork. From payrolls, audits, and tons of forms to help their clients with their finances. All of these documents are very confidential and time-sensitive as well. Being able to deliver all documents safely and in a timely manner is key to having these companies work with you for a long time.

E-commerce Businesses

With the digital world easily accessed today, plus restrictions due to the pandemic, there is such a greater need for courier services because of online shopping. Many businesses are tapping into the online world to stay competitive. That also means that they have to trust a reliable courier service provider to get their products to their customers.

Time is of the essence and as we all know that people don’t like to wait. Packages should also be in good condition once they are delivered. If the packaging seems unruly and falling apart, customers might suspect the courier of tampering with their packages. Also, courier service providers should handle fragile items with utmost care as couriers are sometimes blamed for damaged fragile items.

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